Dorothy Saunderson


Honorary Life Membership
In Recognition of

Dorothy Saunderson
Vanguard, Saskatchewan

Mrs. Dorothy Saunderson has had a long association with the Chinook Regional Library, from the early years of soliciting support for its formation through 29 years of various responsibilities. From the system's establishment in the summer of 1971 through April 1995, Dorothy was an elected member of the Chinook executive and elected chair for her last 10 years of service. Dorothy also served as the region's representative on SLTA from January 1993 through April 2000, holding positions of president and treasurer in that organization.

As one interested in libraries and education, Dorothy attended her first meeting in the early 1960's in the old Swift Current Library to discuss the forming of a library region for southwest Saskatchewan. She was committed to the regional library cause from that day. She recalled one November 11, when she and her husband Albert spent a day in the southeast area of the Region trying to arouse interest in joining the library system. A reeve vehemently told her that they did not need libraries- farmers were much too busy to read! Since that time Dorothy has not looked back, but has given faithfully of her time and guidance to public library service in our area. Vanguard was the first community, without an already established public library, to join the Region. Dorothy acted as chairman of the local library board for over 20 years.

Before retiring, Mrs. Saunderson was a teacher by profession, serving in communities around Vanguard and lastly as a teacher-librarian in Vanguard. Under her direction the school libraries in Vanguard were established. Dorothy retired in June of 1982. While living in Vanguard, the Saunderson's also operated a grain farm near the village.

Dorothy Saunderson has been closely involved with local music festivals and the local United Church executive and choir. She was elected mayor of her community in 1984, a position she still holds. In her position of Mayor, Dorothy has also served on regional committees and councils of SUMA. One of her greatest challenges as mayor would have to be the aftermath of the Vanguard flood of 2000.

Albert Saunderson was also an advocate for regional library development and truly supportive of all Dorothy's library activities. Albert passed away in July 2000.