Stu Petlak


Honorary Life Membership
In Recognition of

Stu Petlak
of Bushell Park

Library success is based on the commitment and decisions of library trustees who are entrusted with the responsibility of operating a library system. Stu Petlak has served in a number of capacities for his community and for libraries in Saskatchewan.

Bushell Park:

  • Member and Chair of the 15 Wing Canadian Forces Base, Moose Jaw Recreation Council;
  • Councillor and Mayor for the Bushell Park Community Council;
  • Member and chair of the Bushell Park Library Board from 1992 through 1997 inclusive. In that capacity he also served as Bushell Park's representative on the Palliser Regional Library Board.

Palliser Regional Library:

  • Palliser Executive Committee Member from 1993 through 1995;
  • Stu served in a variety of capacities, including Chair for 1994 and 1995, and was actively involved in most of Palliser's sub-committees - personnel, finance, rural automation, and services review;
  • Although not a member of the Executive Committee in 1996 he continued to serve as a member of Palliser's Services Review Committee. In 1994 Stu was a driving force in the establishment of this committee to review services, priority directions, and funding for library services in the Palliser Region. Much of this committee's work was useful to the Palliser Committee members when they served on the Review of Regional Libraries Committee.

Library Activities at the Provincial Level:

  • Actively participated in Provincial Chair/Directors meetings;
  • Served on the Reciprocal Borrowing Committee in 1995. This committee's report was instrumental in securing additional funding for Regina and Saskatoon Public Libraries in 1996;
  • Served on the Review of Regional Libraries Committee in 1996.

As a board and committee member, Stu Petlak:

  • Keeps himself informed of the libraries activities;
  • Is organized, prepared for meetings, and actively participates in the decision making;
  • Recognizes the importance of developing a vision and setting goals for service;
  • Is concerned about trustee education and keeping board members informed and knowledgeable;
  • Is interested in the library, the collection quality, and the services provided;
  • Is concerned about keeping the community and politicians aware of the library and it resources;
  • Completes the responsibilities of his position and the projects he participates in such as preparation and presentation of a brief to the Minister of Libraries;
  • Has always had a sense of vision, recognized the need for change, and appreciated the value of computers as part of the solution.
  • Is courteous and tactful and at the same time concise and efficient.

Stu and his family are active users of the library so he:

  • Understands the library from a user's point of view;
  • Recognizes the importance of libraries providing all kinds of information in an economical and fiscally responsible style;
  • Realizes that libraries must keep pace with today's changing world to provide the best service to as many people as possible.

The Palliser Regional Library Board and Administrative Staff appreciate committed library trustees such as Stu Petlak. His clear understanding of library service is essential to good decision making and ensures that the library receives good direction from the board. He will be remembered for his clear thinking, sense of humour, vision, and commitment to libraries.

Stu is being posted to Comox later this year. It has been a pleasure to work with Stu and many people in Saskatchewan will miss his energy and enthusiasm.

Palliser Regional Library