SLA - First in a Series of Articles Introduction Advocacy for the 2017 Conference

Mar. 28, 2017
First in a Series of Articles Introducing Advocacy for the 2017 Conference
March 27, 2017

Advocacy and the 2017 SLA Conference 
Library advocacy has never been more important! SLA's advocacy committee wants to work with you to increase provincial advocacy capacity. Building on our 2016 conference work with Wendy Newman,  long time library advocate and creator of the Library Advocacy Unshushed MOOC, we have been busy putting together the tools and resources that will support us all in being more effective library advocates. 
At this year's conference we are sharing what we have learned including how to identify clear deliverables, create strategies, and demonstrate accountability to your supporters and the communities you serve in the long term. The Committee will provide  tools, resources, and ideas you can implement when crafting your action plan. 
Our intent is to create a community of library advocates to ensure that Saskatchewan residents can continue to enjoy the benefits of a strong public library sector. 
Over the next few weeks, in the lead up to the conference, SLA's advocacy committee will be sharing what we have learned so far, our progress to date and hopefully convincing you that You Can Do It too.

Note: This work has been in development throughout this past year. It is timely since  some of the messages over the next month may be helpful in your current work .

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