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Apr. 7, 2017
Update for for SLA Members and Stakeholder
RE:  Save Public Libraries Initiatives 
April 6, 2017
SLA Board Commited to "Save Public Libraries"
SLA  believes that the cuts to public library budgets is an important issue for all SLA members and Saskatchewan residents.  It is important that all of us work together and present a united front.  All our members are urged to take up the cause in a small or large way, in whatever way you can.  The following information will provide you a variety of opportunities to become involved.  SLA will regularly provide updates for the membership.   
Keep up to date on the SLA Webpage  SAVE PUBLIC LIBRARIES. We are archiving media releases
and news stories as well as information on initiatives that we can come across.  Please let us know if you are doing something locally.

SLA had written letters to letters to the Premier, the Minister of Education, the Leader of the Opposition,  MP Erin Weir, and the Honourable Ralph Goodale.  Letters are also being sent to every MLA and other stakeholder organizations.
Please write your own letters and tell your story.  Letter writing information is available on the website. 
There are two petitions being circulated.  They have different purposes. This is a key strategy of the Save Public Libraries Group.  They are asking that people across the province take the Vote Petitions and get them distributed by taking them to work, your local businesses, community events, and your neighbourhood.  For example, some volunteers are committed to standing outside the Regina Farmer's Market every Saturday.  Others are making plans to sit in malls or find other group gatherings.  There is an urgency with this to keep the ball rolling.
VOTE PETITION which is urging a plebiscite of the voters and  has legislative teeth and is a message from voters in the province.  You must be a Canadian Citizen and 18 years of age to sign. Follow "VOTE Petition" on Facebook and webpage.

This petition is circulated on Facebook and the website. It can be used by non-Canadians and those who are under 18 years old.  Facebook Petition 

Drop Everything and Read - April 7, 2017 at 12:00
SLA supports this grass roots led initiative.  Support your local library and let your local MLA know you love your library.
Bring a book and read outside their office as a group for 15 minutes.  This is intended to take place at your local MLA office all across Saskatchewan.  Details of the event are here

  Organize a Local or Individual Event 
You Belong @your library
If you can't make DEAR  but want to join us, use  #Sklibrary  and post a picture of yourself reading on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!" 
The SLA Board would like to encourage you to organise your own event on your campus, community, or even neighbourhood. 

Encourage people to take an image of themselves reading and then post their social network, tagging their MLA and the Premier.

Print your own poster.

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