Wapiti Regional Library - August, 2017

Aug. 23, 2017
August, 2017
Patron Proves Library is More Than Just Books
At the Wakaw Public Library, patron John Csapo is rediscovering his musical talent of playing the fiddle.
Mr. Csapo generally plays by ear because he does not read music, but he wanted to learn more about technique. So with the help of Branch Librarian Bettyann Gerwing, he borrowed a book that would provide answers.

After a few weeks with the book, Mr. Csapo returned to the library with his fiddle. To the delight of everyone, he performed several tunes, demonstrating his new techniques.

Mr. Csapo and his quest for knowledge is a typical example of how patrons use libraries to better themselves and enrich their communities - at any age.




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