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Oct. 17, 2017






October, 2017





Ladies Book Tasting Evening a Savory Success at Debden Public Library



It was a night out for ladies at the Debden Public Library when they gathered for an evening of 'tasting' various book genres, many of which they wouldn't ordinarily have read. Planned around the theme of "You may like it if you try it," the event offered a chance to feast on diverse reading choices.

Each participant was given a menu, listing all available 'tastings' - from suspense to fantasy. As the evening progressed, the menus were used to select books for future reading.

Tables had been prepared, each containing books from a specific genre. As the ladies sampled the books on each table, they also munched on snacks corresponding to the featured genre. The Thriller table offered spooky gummy worms. Trail mix (as in "on the right trail") was nibbled at the Mystery table while a sumptuous chocolate dessert accompanied Romance titles.

Twenty ladies took advantage of the event to socialize and increase their literary interests. After a full evening, the women pronounced the event gratifying to both the mind and appetite.





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