Museum of Future History/ Musée de l’histoire à venir opens at Sherwood Gallery

Mar. 19, 2018

For immediate release: March 19, 2018

Museum of Future History/ Musée de l’histoire à venir opens at Sherwood Gallery

Imagine a future in which the only way to experience a walk in the forest will be by going to a museum.

Laura St. Pierre’s latest exhibition, Museum of Future History/Musée de l’histoire à venir, opening at RPL’s Sherwood Branch Gallery on March 24, fast-forwards to that scenario.

The exhibition combines samples of boreal flora preserved in alcohol, surrounded by enormous close-up photographs of the same specimens. Underneath each photo, a pyre of charred branches, emitting the increasingly-familiar scent of summer forest fires, hisses and snaps as if on fire.

Both museum and eulogy to Saskatchewan’s northern forests, the exhibition is a feast for the senses. Spectators can smell the charred forest, hear the crackling of flames, and see the eerie jars of alcohol-preserved plants. It is all too short a step to imagining it consumed by flames forever.

“This makeshift museum addresses contemporary fears about the potentially-catastrophic results of climate change and loss of plant biodiversity, but in a poetic, elegiac and transfixing way,” said Blair Fornwald, Assistant Curator of Dunlop Art Gallery.

St.Pierre is a Saskatoon native. Her installations, sculptures, public works, and photography have been exhibited throughout Canada. She earned undergraduate degrees at the University of British Columbia and the University of Alberta, and completed her MFA at Concordia University.

Museum of Future History/Musée de l’histoire à venir opens on March 24 at Sherwood Gallery and closes on June 2 with Rites of Future Histories/Les rites de l’histoire à venir, a provoking and surprising live performance by the artist.

St. Pierre will be available for interviews in English or French on Wednesday, March 22 or Thursday, March 23.


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