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2018 Wapiti Annual General Meeting Report



Wapiti Board Chair C. Bauer-Hyde presents a 2017 Branch Award to Pilger Public Library Branch Librarian R. Hemm.


The Wapiti Regional Library Annual General meeting took place on Saturday, April 28 in Prince Albert. Officially appointed Regional Board members representing the 114 cities, towns, villages, rural municipalities, and First Nations within Wapiti's geographical area were invited to attend.  


Wapiti Board Chair Cheryl Bauer-Hyde opened the meeting by asking all present to introduce themselves after which Provincial Librarian Alison Hopkins brought greetings from the Provincial Library & Literacy Office and Minister of Education Gord Wyant.

Bauer-Hyde reported that on March 27, 2018, John M. Cuelenaere Public Library in Prince Albert officially separated from Wapiti in order to become a municipal library. The Wapiti Executive Committee and staff were given a round of applause for their professionalism and the excellent service maintained to patrons throughout the separation process.

Bauer-Hyde then presented Annual Branch Awards to the Blaine Lake and Pilger Public Libraries, recognizing them for a significant increase in services throughout 2017.  


Wapiti Regional Director Tony Murphy shared Wapiti's mission, vision, and values, emphasizing how service is constantly evolving, especially when it comes to technology. He cited the Job Service Centres in Wapiti's Melfort and Nipawin libraries as not only good examples of partnering with a government ministry, but also as positive reinforcement of public libraries as community hubs. 


Wapiti Board Chair C. Bauer-Hyde presents a 2017 Branch Award to B. Breland & L. Diehl
of Blaine Lake Public Library.

Murphy expressed appreciation for the valuable partnership Wapiti enjoys with municipalities who not only contribute to their local libraries through annual municipal grants, but also by providing physical library buildings, utilities, and other forms of support. He reported that Saskatchewan public libraries collaborated to present booths at this year's Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) and Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) conventions. The booths were very well attended, with visitors providing positive and productive feedback. Regional Directors have committed to future booth displays at both annual conventions.

Moving on to financial matters, the 2017 Audited Financial Statement was presented and approved as was the proposed 2018 budget.

Elections were held as members of the Regional Board were nominated to fill seats on the Wapiti Executive Committee. The seats represent municipalities within the geographical area.

The Wapiti Annual General meeting is held every April with a Semi-annual meeting being held in November. The meetings are open to the public. 





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