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Jun. 19, 2018

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Wapiti Unveils New Maker-Space Kits

Storytime Takes Show on the Road

Ladies Night Fundraiser

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Creative Displays Catch the Eye 

February Aboriginal Storytelling Month display.



Seasonal events and programs are advertised at the Prairie River Public Library by the creation of artistic, themed displays.


Library staff use their talents to attractively arrange items that catch the patron's attention and raise awareness at a glance.

Mother's Day display.



Every display contains elements particular to the theme, including library materials. Displaying the materials so prominently allows patrons to view and borrow items they may not have otherwise noticed or selected. At this library, beauty and practical application go hand-in-hand.  


Nipawin Tots Visit Airport

In early May, the Nipawin Public Library Storytime group went on a field trip to the local airport. Pilot Doug McBain showed the preschoolers around the facility, introduced them to some airplanes, and fielded a lot of questions. The verdict? The trip was "tons of fun."   


Wapiti Gearing Up for TD Summer Reading Club  


Wapiti Branch Librarians are once again getting set to sponsor the TD Summer Reading Club.  


Beginning when school is over in the Spring, the club rewards enrolled kids for summer reading. Planned events may include kickoff parties and weekly activities followed by a wrap-up celebration.


Enrolled kids keep a reading log, then receive draw entry forms according to how much they've read. Branch Librarians submit entry forms to Wapiti Regional Office where, at end of summer, draws are made for gifts donated by vendors. 


The club is valuable in that it helps develop reading skills while preventing summer slide that many kids experience.


For more information, visit www.tdsummerreadingclub.ca where more details will be posted as the June 16 registration day approaches. Branch Librarians may now access resources (including downloadable graphics) by clicking on the "Staff" tab.


SK Author Reads at Gronlid Library   


Author Jerry Hammersmith grew up in the Gronlid area, so it was only natural to read from his new historical novel at the Gronlid Public Library.  


"Letters to Mary Susan: From her Outlaw Father" chronicles the life and adventures of Missouri outlaw, James Howard who homesteaded near Gronlid in the early 1900's. As a child, Hammersmith's father idolized Howard. Later, he recited stories about Howard's activities.  

The novel is narrated by the aging Howard as he serves a 15 year sentence in the Prince Albert Penitentiary for Manslaughter. His incarceration prompts him to reconnect with his past and long-estranged daughter.   

Accompanied by his wife, Hammersmith answered questions, then signed copies of his book for an enchanted audience, including a keenly interested grade 7/8 class.



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      Quarterly Newsletter June 2018    



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Wapiti Regional Library Unveils Three New Maker-Space Kits

Trying Ozobots

Thanks to a grant from the Provincial Library and Literacy Office, Wapiti has added three additional kits to its existing ten Mobile Maker-Space Kits. In addition to the Lego, Duct Tape, and other kits, Wapiti's 45 branch libraries now have access to three kits focused on robotics, computer programming, and engineering/art.


The three new kits are the Ozobot Robotics Kit, Cubelets Robotics Kit, and 3D Printing Pen Kit.



The Ozobot Robotics Kit includes ten Ozobots, which are tiny robots that teach participants the basics of programming through drawing. The Cubelets Robotics Kit is made up of two sets of Cubelets: magnetic, electronic building blocks, with a small computer inside that teach participants how robots function and how to use problem solving to build their dream robot. The 3D Printing Pen includes four 3D Printing Pens, which are capable of drawing with plastic in the air or on surfaces. Participants must think in 3D to design structures.


3D Printing Pen

Each kit includes an instructor's manual for Branch Librarians to make use of, as well as lesson plans for all ages. Branch librarians can request the kits from the Wapiti Regional Office to run programming in their own libraries. This summer, Wapiti Regional Library's Summer Programming Assistant will also be unveiling the kits at branch libraries as part of the TD Summer Reading Club.



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Storytime Takes Show on the Road

It all started with a few action songs during the Leoville Public Library Storytime. The preschoolers loved the songs and performed with such enthusiasm, Branch Librarian Debby Alberts decided they should take their "show on the road."



On June 1, 2018, the Storytime group packed up and headed to the local Evergreen Health Centre to perform for the residents. Accompanied by homeschooled 9-year-old Xander, the children's presentation of five songs was perfect and the audience responded with appreciation.

Following the concert, the preschoolers made a flower craft with the residents, then everyone was treated to juice and cookies.


They did fantastic," said Alberts, speaking of her Storytime group. "Best of all, we were asked to come back. I was so proud of them, and guess what...we will certainly go back."




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Ladies Night Fundraiser Benefits Library

Ladies Night at the Star City Public Library was an elegant gathering designed to raise funds for the library.


Participants bought a ticket in advance for the catered meal as well as raffle tickets for which first prize was a quilt made and donated by a patron and second prize was a $100 Canadian Tire gift certificate. The raffle alone raised over $500.


Other activities were on-the-spot raffles and silent auctions for various merchandise. A big hit was the Balloon Pop game. Participants paid $5 for each balloon they wished to pop. Inside was a number corresponding to the same number on a gift bag.


The evening was a solid success with total earnings over $2800. Proceeds will go towards programming and materials for the library.




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Regional Office Staff Serving You...Daily

Circulation of materials moving through Wapiti Regional Library via the One Province, One Library Card system is part of the daily workload at the Regional Office in Prince Albert, SK.


Wapiti receives two deliveries every weekday: bins containing intra-provincial items and bins of material from Wapiti's 45 branch libraries.


Intra-provincial bin contents are from libraries throughout the province responding to Wapiti patrons requesting material from their facilities. Incoming materials from Wapiti's branch libraries are bound for destinations both within and without the region.


Upon bin arrival, all items are unpacked, sorted, then placed into new bins designated for the appropriate Wapiti branch or other Saskatchewan library. For materials bound for branches within the region, Wapiti employs a delivery driver who follows a weekly schedule. Larger branches receive deliveries more than once a week; smaller branches are supplied on a weekly basis. Materials bound for other libraries throughout the province are delivered via courier.


Increasingly through 2017 and 2018, Wapiti branches are asking for more bins in which to pack materials on the move. This indicates that patrons province-wide are increasing their use of the One Province, One Library Card system by requesting materials not available at their local library.  


On an average day, Regional Office staff processes dozens of bins while the driver delivers 30+ bins during his daily run. Included in this count are bins that contain "Blocks", groups of material regularly rotated within the region in order to refresh every branch's collection on a regular basis. Old blocks are returned to Regional Office for inspection, cleaning, repair, and weeding before being repurposed and sent to a different branch. This practice benefits patrons who appreciate a fresh flow of material.


It's a lot of work, but our staff is dedicated to patron service and providing valuable resources for the communities within our regional area.  



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