Dunlop Art Gallery public art project Roadside Attractions opens across the province.

Jun. 25, 2018

For Immediate Release: June 25, 2018

Dunlop Art Gallery public art project Roadside Attractions opens across the province.

From July 1 to August 31, Saskatchewanians will experience original contemporary art works by some of the most interesting Canadian artists of the day, while driving through the serene prairie landscape.

Roadside Attractions is a public art project organized by the Dunlop Art Gallery in partnership with nine other Saskatchewan galleries. The exhibition features original work by 21 artists, both established and upcoming, in a variety of media. The artwork will be on display in 16 locations across the province, from large cities like Regina and Saskatoon to small towns, such as Birch Hills and Langham.

While some pieces are exhibited in art galleries, museums, and public libraries, most of the artwork is positioned out of doors, along a scenic Prairie road trip that spans thousands of kilometers, accompanying viewers on a Saskatchewan journey through the province, from historic downtown districts to endless prairie fields.

From a larger-than-life rearview mirror reflecting important historical moments, to replicas of historic buildings in LEGO, and one gigantic ice-cream cone, each piece of artwork invites reflection on Saskatchewan’s faceted history, geography, and culture.

“The original art works featured in Roadside Attractions, created by Canada’s leading artists, respond to the people, places and history of Saskatchewan,” said Jennifer Matotek, Director/Curator of Dunlop Art Gallery.  “We hope that visitors will enjoy the drive to see all of the art, and we hope to expand people’s understanding of art and public sculpture, and encourage people to think about familiar and unfamiliar sites in Saskatchewan in new ways.”

More information on the artists, artwork, and the participating galleries, as well as over twelve hours of podcast content to accompany viewers on the drive to each piece, can be found at


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