Talking Points

1. One Province, One Card

- Saskatchewan has common user experience no matter where you are.

2. Libraries are an Equalizer for Those Caught in the Digital Divide

- Internet access, training and connections to government and business websites.

3. Libraries Enhance the Quality of Life by Providing

- A safe community space

- Educational, lifestyle and cultural programming

- Digital and traditional resources

- Training for people of all ages

4. Libraries are Proven Successful Collaborators Across a Variety of Sectors

- Independent active participants in community collaborations

- Willing to pursue cost-effective collaborations with organizations outside of traditional partnerships

- The Saskatchewan Information and Library Services Consortium (SILS) is the only example of a successful "lean" and cost effective province/state wide library ILS partnership in North America

5. Libraries Respond Flexibly to Changes in Innovation and Technology

- Through their dedicated, approachable staff

- Provide services geared to their community needs

Libraries are the hub of many communities, partners in economic growth and they need support to meet the needs of a growing Saskatchewan.

  • Libraries need to recreate a reliable financial foundation that will enable them to do the jobs that they have been charged to do. In the past 20 years, provincial library grants have gone up 24.6% while inflation has increased by 54%.
  • To help grow Saskatchewan libraries need funding that allows them room to expand and grow their services in accordance with the public's need; and to support the needs of the new Saskatchewan.
  • Like every organization growth requires funding.