SLTA strives to:

  • promote and foster the development of libraries and library services in Saskatchewan

  • provide for the exchange of ideas and experiences among the library board members through conferences and library publications

  • assist members by understanding their responsibilities as library trustees

  • cooperate with associations of library trustees outside the province

  • seek improvements and foster necessary changes in the legislation affecting Saskatchewan libraries

  • work in close cooperation with the Saskatchewan Library Association


Active Membership:

  • Any individual who is a library trustee in Saskatchewan is eligible to be an active member of SLTA upon payment of the membership fee

Associate Membership:

  • Any Resident of Saskatchewan interested in supporting the cause of libraries may become an Associate member upon payment of the membership fee

Honourary Life Membership:

  • Honourary Life Membership may be conferred by the Association upon a member or past member by the SLTA for distinguished services as a trustee in the library field at the local, provincial or national level.

Institutional Membership:

  • Every administrative body which is responsible for public libraries shall be eligible for institutional Membership upon payment of the annual fee. Institutional Membership shall entitle the organization to send one non-voting representative to the annual meeting of the SLTA


SLTA Life Membership Award is presented annual to a current or former SLTA member for distinguished service as a library trustee.