Saskatchewan Libraries Matter.

They matter to the adults that use the library to access information with one card at all libraries across the province, whether it be through books or online resources. 

They matter to the children who attend our hundreds of programs offered throughout the year.

They matter to the new Canadians that use our libraries to improve their language skills and search for employment options.

As trustees, we know that people benefit from our libraries each and every day.

However, not everyone sees the many ways that libraries benefit our citizens, our community and our province.

Saskatchewan is growing, but library funding is not. Our libraries have gone years without an increase in funding, and budgets get tighter with each passing year.

Our province’s decision makers in the legislature tell us that Saskatchewan people aren’t telling them that libraries are a priority.

We need this to change.

We need to send the message loud and clear:

Saskatchewan Libraries Matter!

Through advocacy, we can increase library funding and make our libraries better.

The goal of this page is to provide trustees with the tools and resources to successfully advocate for our libraries.

The only way we can successfully advocate is if we all work together.