Article 1 ­ Name

The name of the Association shall be the Saskatchewan Library Trustees' Association. 

Article 2 ­ Object

2.1 To promote and foster the development of libraries and library services in Saskatchewan. 
2.2 To provide for the exchange of ideas and experiences among library board members through conferences and library publications. 
2.3 To assist members by understanding their responsibilities as library trustees. 
2.4 To co­operate with associations of library trustees outside Saskatchewan. 
2.5 To seek improvement and foster necessary changes in the legislation affecting Saskatchewan libraries. 
2.6 To work in close co­operation with the Saskatchewan Library Association.

Article 3 ­ Affiliation

3.1 The Association may become associated or affiliated with other organizations having similar objectives for the promotion of common goals. The Association may co­operate with other organizations in advancing the interests of the Association. 


Article 1 - Membership                                  Article 7 - Elections

Article 2 - Officers                                            Article 8 - Rules of Procedure

Article 3 - Meetings                                         Article 9 - Resolutions

Article 4 - Quorum                                           Article 10 - Amendments to Constitution

Article 5 – Committees and Bylaws

Article 6 - Finance

Article 1-Membership

1.1          System Membership – The seven regional library systems, the Pahkisimon Nuye?ah Library System and the municipal library systems are eligible to appoint or elect a member to the Saskatchewan Library Trustees Association executive upon payment of their annual membership fees. (Voting member)

1.2          Active Membership - Any person who is a library trustee in Saskatchewan shall be eligible to be an active member of the Association upon payment of the annual fee. (Voting member)

1.3          Associate Membership - Any resident or institution of Saskatchewan interested in supporting the cause of libraries may become an Associate member upon payment of the regular membership fee. (Non-voting member)

1.4          Honorary Life Membership - Honorary Life Membership may be conferred by the Association upon a member or past member of the SLTA for distinguished service as a trustee in the library field at local, provincial, or national levels. (Non-voting member)

1.5          Any member may withdraw from the association at any time by notice to the Association but upon withdrawal the member shall not be entitled to a refund of any portion of the fees that he or she may have paid.

              1.6          The membership year shall be from January 1 to December 31.

Article 2 - Officers

2.1          The executive of the Association shall be composed of those trustees who are elected or appointed to serve on the executive by the seven regional library systems, the Pahkisimon Nuye?ah Library System, and the municipal libraries.

              2.2          Each officer shall be an active member of the Association.

2.3          Any executive member of the SLTA who misses more than two consecutive meetings in one year may be replaced by the executive in consultation with the representative jurisdiction.

2.4          Any of the ten trustees on the executive would be eligible to be elected for the offices of President and Vice-President.

2.5          A Secretary and a Treasurer, or a Secretary-Treasurer, may be chosen from among the members of the executive and shall have voting rights. However, if the executive votes to appoint a person to act as Secretary or Secretary-Treasurer, the executive may do so and such person shall not have voting rights.

2.6          The President shall preside over all meetings of the Association, its officers, and its executive committee; and shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Association. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all standing and special committees of the Association.

              2.7          The Vice-President, in absence of the President shall perform the duties of the President

              2.8          The Secretary appointed by the executive shall keep the minutes and records of the Association and its executive committee,

              and submit reports to the President, Executive Committee, and all the meetings of the Association.

2.9          The Treasurer appointed by the executive shall receive all monies paid to the Association, pay accounts, maintain membership records, and submit reports to the President and the executive committee.

Article 3- Meetings

              3.1          The annual meeting shall be held during the annual Saskatchewan Libraries Conference.

3.2          Only library trustees who are active members of the Association shall be entitled to vote at the annual meeting of the Association.

3.3          Voting shall be by ballot in the case of election of officers and by show of hands in other cases, except where a ballot is requested by at least three members.

3.4          A special general meeting of the Association may be called by the President when considered necessary.  The President shall call a special general meeting when requested to do so in writing by at least ten members.

3.5          Notice of a general meeting shall be given to the members by means of advertisements or individual notices, as may be decided by the Association in general meeting or by the executive committee.

3.6          Executive Committee Meetings - The executive committee shall meet at least twice between the annual meetings of the Association, at the call of the President. Meetings of the executive committee shall be held immediately before and after the annual meeting.

Article 4- Quorum

4.1          The active members personally present shall constitute a quorum of any general meeting of the Association.

4.2          A quorum for the legal transaction of business at meetings of the executive committee shall be a simple majority of the members of that committee.

Article 5 - Committees

5.1          Standing committees to assist in the regular work of the Association may be appointed by the executive committee.

5.2          There shall be such special committees as may be appointed by the President, the executive committee or the Association to carry out particular assignments.

5.3          The executive committee may appoint active, non-executive SLTA members to serve on committees.

Article 6- Finance

               6.1          The Association shall have the power to determine annual membership fees at its annual meeting.

               6.2          Membership fees shall be paid to the Treasurer of the Association.

6.3          The expenses of the members of the executive committee shall be paid for attendance at executive or other meetings of, or on behalf of, the Association as authorized by the executive committee.

6.4          The activities of the Association shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members, and any profits and other accretions to the organization shall be used solely to promote its objectives.

6.5          The budget as prepared and approved by the executive shall be presented to the membership at the annual general meeting.

6.6          The Association will provide for financial accountability in accordance with The Non-profit Corporations Act.

As amended at 2005 AGM

6.7          Any two of the President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer are required to sign cheques on behalf of the Association.

As amended at 2005 AGM

Article 7 - Elections

              7.1          Nominations for President and Vice-President will be made at the annual meeting.

7.2          A nominating committee will be appointed by the president at the first executive committee meeting of the calendar year.

              7.3          Elections will be held by ballot at the Annual General Meeting.

7.4          A simple majority of those members present at the Annual General Meeting shall constitute a vote necessary to elect an officer of the executive committee.

Article 8 - Rules of Procedure

              8.1 All general and executive meetings of the Association shall be governed by the latest edition of Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure.

Article 9 - Resolutions

9.1          Resolutions shall be presented only by library trustees who are active members of the Association.

9.2          Resolutions shall be sent to the chair of the Resolutions Committee in writing at least one calendar month prior to the annual meeting.

9.3          Resolutions may be presented at the annual meeting on any matter with the approval of two-thirds of the trustees in attendance.

9.4          The resolutions from the floor must be in written form and ready for distribution at the annual meeting.

As amended at 2005 AGM

Article 10 - Amendments to Constitution and Bylaws

10.1        Amendments to the bylaws may be adopted at any annual meeting of the Association by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members present.

10.2        Notice of the proposed amendment shall be mailed to the Secretary at least two (2) months before the date of the annual meeting of the Association.

10.3        Copies of the proposed amendment shall be mailed to the membership at least one calendar month before the date of the annual meeting or by email to the address provided by the member.

January 2018