Allan Bailey


Honorary Life Membership
In Recognition of

Allan Bailey

From the early 1960's to the present, Mr. Bailey has demonstrated a strong commitment to the cause of library service, particularly in Yorkton and the Parkland Region.

In June 1966, the Regional Pro-Term Committee was formed to explore and develop regional library services in Parkland. As Alderman for the City of Yorkton, Mr. Bailey was asked to serve on the committee later that year. He became a member of the Parkland Regional Library Board when it was formed, and has been a member continuously since that time, much of that time serving on the Executive Committee.

Two themes have characterized Mr. Bailey's influence; board and staff teamwork and fiscal responsibility. Over the years, board and staff have developed a tradition of shared responsibility in working with communities to provide library services. The teamwork approach has paid off in the kinds of things Parkland has been able to accomplish and the degree of acceptance demonstrated by the communities served.

Though the early years of rapid growth show some deficit financing, Mr. Bailey prompted an early consideration by the board of a financially-backed planned-growth approach. Growth objectives were set and met as the region developed and later res erve funds were set aside for special program developments and equipment replacements. This has led to a sound financial situation and a considerable degree of confidence in the board's fiscal management.

While Mr. Bailey was Mayor of Yorkton, he was instrumental in bringing the Yorkton Public Library up from a rather dismal state to its, present status as Parkland's main reference center. Though the first motions to council were defeated, persistence paid off and the library rapidly became a significant influence on the cultural and educational life of the city and the region.

Mr. Bailey has also contributed at the provincial level. He was at the organizational meeting of the Saskatchewan Library Trustees' Association and has promoted membership and support of the Association among the Parkland Trustees. He also served two terms on the Saskatchewan Library Development Board.

Though he is retiring from service to the Parkland Regional Library Board, he will undoubtedly continue to support its work. His contributions are greatly appreciated.