Dianne Sander


Honourary Life Membership in
Recognition of

Dianne Sander

Dianne is the chair of the Weyburn Public Library Board and has been for the past 10 years. Prior to this, she served as a board member beginning in 1990. Since her retirement from a very successful career as Director of Dietetics with the local health region, Dianne has dedicated great amounts of time to the success of our library operations and programs.

Dianne has proven her passion for libraries and has worked countless volunteer hours to ensure that her library is successful. Her community has witnessed her dealing with staff problems in supportive ways, as well as mentoring new workers and now board members. In addition to her leadership responsibilities she is quick to volunteer as program helper, fund raiser worker, lunch server or whatever is needed at the time. She is an enthusiastic cheerleader for all of the many diverse programs offered to both children and adults in her library. She is also quick to give credit to staff and        volunteers for their contributions. The rapport Dianne has established with her head librarian, the staff, fellow board members and volunteers is commendable.

Through Dianne’s involvement with her local library, her interest evolved to include the South East Regional Library. She joined the SERL Board and was elected to the executive committee in 2003. Dianne has been vice-chair of the SERL Board since 2005. Dianne’s contributions to the Regional Library are many. She is knowledgeable of the politics related to funding, has been involved with the negotiation committee, has supported the incorporation of SILS and continues to be a true advocate of making libraries current and community friendly.

Dianne and her husband, Ron, have been married 43 years. They have one daughter and three grandchildren. Dianne has demonstrated a commitment to her community, not only through her dedication to the library, but as a dependable volunteer worker to the following local organizations:

·         Heart and Stroke Foundation (canvassing”)

·         Cancer Society (canvassing and educating by speaking to local groups on the relationship between nutrition and cancer)

·         Family Place (fundraising events)

·         United Way Communithon (receipt writing, fundraising, etc.)

·         Red Hat Society (organization, community fun)

·         Quota International (treasurer and committee member)

·         Emergency Prepared Committee (food services) for City of Weyburn (chair)

·         Flu Clinics in Weyburn (worker)

Dianne Sander is highly deserving of the Saskatchewan Library Trustees’ Association Honorary Life Membership Award. Her nomination was fully endorsed by her entire board and the head librarian.