Dr. Carlyle King


Honorary Life Membership
In Recognition of

Dr. Carlyle King

Carlyle King, born in Ontario, received his education in Saskatchewan schools and at the University of Saskatchewan. He obtained Master of Arts and doctorate degrees from the University of Toronto. Commencing as an instructor in English at the University of Saskatchewan, he advanced to Head of that department, to Dean of Academic Services, and to Vice-Principal. His academic career has been marked by many scholastic awards. He has written and edited several books and published many articles.

Dr. King has been active in community life with interests in politics, music and the arts. He has served as a member of the Saskatchewan Arts Board, a member and Chairman of the Saskatoon Art Centre and a director of the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association.

Today we honour him for the role he has played in the development of library service in Saskatchewan. In 1946 he was appointed Chairman of the newly created Saskatchewan Library Advisory Council which was instrumental in the appointment of the first regional librarian in 1947 and the formation of the first regional library system for Saskatchewan. In 1951, the Saskatchewan Library Advisory Council recommended the formation of a Provincial Library, separate from the Legislative Library, to co-ordinate and provide library service for the entire province.

Dr. King was appointed to the Saskatoon Public Library Board in 1955, becoming its Chairman in 1958, a position he held until he retired from the Board in December 1972.

Dr. King has taken an active part in the Canadian, Saskatchewan and Saskatoon Library Associations. He is a past president of the Canadian Library Trustees' Association.

It is an honour, on behalf of the Saskatchewan Library Trustees' Association, to present this life membership to Dr. King in appreciation of his great contribution to library service in Saskatchewan.

Prepared and read by Mrs. Frances Morrison of Saskatoon, 1975