Dr. Morris Anderson


Honorary Life Membership
In Recognition of

Dr. Morris Anderson

It is indeed a privilege for me to talk to you tonight about Dr. Morris Anderson.

Serious research has provided two important clues about the unusual personality we are honoring tonight!

I now know why Dr. Anderson as Principal of Luther College, Regina, was such a booster for the Luther Invitational Basketball Tournament.

Morris Anderson and his brother were known as the Golden Boys of the University of Saskatchewan basketball many years ago! Hall of Fame - "Mighty Mo".

The second pertinent information is that when Mrs. Betty Davis was the Canadian Library Trustees' Association President, Betty asked Betty Davis to chaperone young Morris at C.L.T.A. conventions. Later, Betty Davis passed on instructions to Regina Public Board Trustees - make sure that Morris doesn't dance with librarians - only with trustees.

Now to important facts!

Dr. Anderson was appointed to the Regina Public Library Board in 1970. In 1971-73, Dr. Anderson served as Deputy Chairman and in 1974 was elected as Chairman. He served as Chairman for the period 1974 to 1986 inclusive. During this time under his guidance, the library expanded service and built three new branch libraries, and appointed Ron Yeo - and supported C.L.T.A. and S.L.T.A.

Dr. Anderson served for a number of years on the Saskatchewan Library Development Board, as Chairman until 1982. And we remember how Dr. Anderson co-operated with S.L.T.A. in our work.

Through his work as an educational leader, a volunteer Library Board member, and a leader in public library development, Dr. Anderson has touched many lives within Regina, this province and, indeed, across Canada.

Dr. Anderson joins a group of outstanding trustees who have been honored in the past.

Among them was Phoebe Bonnell, Swift Current, who contributed the following from an Egyptian relic of 2150 B.C.:

Behold nothing surpasses books
Would that I might make you love books
Would that I might make their beauty enter before your face
For it is greater than any office
You are to set your heart on books.

Dr. Morris Anderson had his heart set on being an outstanding Library Trustee. We honor him with the presentation of the Saskatchewan Library Trustees' Association Honorary Life Membership.

Presentation by George R. Bothwell
Weyburn, October 29, 1989