George Gelmich


Honorary Life Membership
In Recognition of

Mr. George Gelmich

I. Personal History of Mr. Gelmich

Mr. Gelmich was born in Vikno, in the Ukrainian U.S.S.R. on March 5th, 1928. His father emigrated to Canada in 1927. George and his mother joined his father at Insinger, Saskatchewan in April of 1929. There the Gelmich family raised George and seven other children.

Having completed high school in 1948 and teacher's college (Moose Jaw) in 1951, Mr. Gelmich taught in various communities. He was appointed principal of Estevan's Scotsburn School in 1961. Through university extension classes Mr. Gelmich obtained a B. Ed. degree in 1967 and a B.A. degree in 1969. He retired from teaching in 1987.

In 1953 George married Lydia Ella Lamers of Regina. Their son Howard was born on July 14th, 1955.

Mr. Gelmich was elected to Estevan's City Council in successive elections between 1971 and 1988.

II. The Nominee's Contribution to Library Service in Saskatchewan

On November 9th, 1971, Mr. Gelmich attended his first meeting as a member of the Estevan Public Library Board as City Council's aldermanic representative. In January of 1972 George was appointed by Council to the Southeast Regional Library Board of Trustees. In 1979 he was elected to the executive as ViceChairman. Mr. Gelmich served as Chairman of the Southeast Regional Library from 1982 to 1989. Mr. Gelmich was also an active member of the Saskatchewan Library Trustees' Association.

III. Summary of Reasons Why Nominee Should be Granted Award

  • volunteer service was rendered for 18 consecutive years
  • the nominee took a leadership role as Chairman of local and regional library boards
  • as an active, elected civic official, the nominee gave public library service a high profile in his area

IV. List of Endorsing Bodies

1. Estevan Public Library Board
2. Estevan Teacher's Association
3. City of Estevan
4. Rural Municipality of Estevan
5. Southeast Regional Library Board

Letters of Endorsement follow.