Harvey McNaught


Honorary Life Membership
In Recognition of

Harvey McNaught

Head Table guests, Ladies and Gentlemen:

I have been asked to tell you a little about a gentleman we at Wheatland Regional consider special, very special in fact.

Harvey McNaught was born in Radisson, Saskatchewan August of 1912. He got most of his education in Radisson, but went to Bedford Road Collegiate for his Grade 12.

Harvey has told us that his interest in books and reading was such that he often read at night when he was supposed to be asleep. You've heard of people reading with a light under the bed clothes. Well, Harvey did just that. He never told us what his father said when he caught him, but I can imagine the scene very well.

While in High School, Harvey's father installed the first telephone system in the area, and Harvey was the operator in his spare time.

About this time, he decided to become a teacher and entered Normal School in Saskatoon, later still he got his teaching degree at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. He began his teaching career in Radisson, moved to Evesham where he met Madge Newham, also a teacher, and they were later married. They have been married 51 years, have two married daughters, 4 grandsons, a granddaughter and four great grandchildren.

After being in Evesham 7 years, Harvey again taught in Radisson for a time, then moved to Turtleford as Principal and finished his teaching career of 37 years as Principal in Colonsay.

When Colonsay became part of Wheatland Region in 1967, Harvey was named to the board and stayed on the board until ill health caused him to step down in 1987.

Harvey was a very valued member of the Wheatland Executive board for 15 years, serving on most of the committees, such as Finance, Public Relations, Chairman of the Bookmobile committee, and one called "The Committee to Promote More Effective Reading."

During the time Harvey was on the board, Wheatland Region went through some pretty radical and creative changes, all for the betterment of the system.

I don't want to lead you to believe Harvey was only interested in teaching and libraries, because this is far from the case. He is a past Master of the Masonic Lodge, was on the Colonsay Town Council for 14 years, taught Sunday School, was on the church board, the rink committee, and was a member of the golf club. He also did his fair share of hunting and fishing.

I well recall board meetings when a controversy came up. Harvey would sit listening to the chat back and forth and then come up with a suggestion that would straighten everything out. He was always ready with a cheerful smile and a warm greeting that made new members of the board feel welcome and comfortable in their new job.

Harvey, along with former chairman, Oliver Harris were the authors of the major shift in policy and style, which took place at Wheatland in 1979-80.

I have one little story I'd like to tell you at this time. A number of years back, CLA was held in Winnipeg and our branch co-ordinators, 4 of them, the Prince George Public Librarian, and our Harvey, were going. As money was tight (when isn't it in the library field) it was decided they would travel together. No one had a car that would take them all. What to do? The solution was, clean out the Block Exchange Van, put the couch from the staff room and some floor cushions in back, and away they wet, 4 ladies, a chap who I believe was John Backhouse, and Harvey! He reported back that the convention was very good, he had enjoyed it, and had particularly enjoyed the unique mode of travel, perched on a sofa in the back of a van. How's that for dedication to the cause?

Harvey, we're lucky to have had you on our board.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is an honour for me to present to you, Mr. Harvey McNaught.

Bessie Darrach, Chairman
Wheatland Regional Library Board