Jean and Willard Kallio


Honorary Life Membership
In Recognition of

Jean & Willard Kallio

The Kallio partnership began in 1946 and business was set up on their farm south of Dinsmore. Armed with degrees from the University of Saskatchewan, Jean as a medical doctor and Willard as a Mechanical Engineer, combined to make the business of marriage and the farm flourish. The Kallio's involved themselves in raising their family and in serving their community in many and various ways.

We will focus tonight on one aspect of their contribution to their community and indeed to Saskatchewan; that of their support for the development of public libraries.

The movement towards the formation of a Regional Library in West Central Saskatchewan began in 1959 with a formal campaign supported by the Stranraer, Biggar and Rosetown Home and School Associations. A steering committee was organized to promote the regional library concept and Jean served as a charter member and as chairman for several years.

In 1963, the need for library services had been generally accepted and the Kallio's were members of a delegation that successfully approached the government Premier Woodrow S. Lloyd requesting the bookmobile services. Bookmobile service began in 1964 and was the first such service on the prairies during the winter.

It took a further four years of arduous promotion and persuasion by the West Central Regional Library Committee before enough municipal councils would pledge financial support to enable the formation in 1967 of the regional library that would become known as the Wheatland Regional Library. During this time both Jean and Willard were enthusiastic advocates and tireless workers and both acted in the position of Chairman of the West Central Regional Library Committee. Willard became Chairman of the pro tem executive and finally Chairman of the Regional Library Board.

When the Saskatchewan Library Trustees Association (S.L.T.A.) became well enough established to hold annual meetings, Jean took over duties at the registration desk and delegates were put at ease by her friendly greeting.

Willard promoted the development of public library service for the province in his active membership on the Minister's Library Advisory Council, later to become known as the Library Development Council. For his great contribution to library service, Willard received official recognition from his Regional Library. But it is for his contribution to the Saskatchewan Library Trustees Association that we honour him tonight.

Willard served the Association in many capacities. He represented S.L.T.A. on the executive of the Canadian Library Trustees Association for several years. In 1971, when Regina hosted the C.L.A. Annual Conference, he represented C.L.T.A. on the Local Arrangements Committee.

Willard represented Wheatland on the S.L.T.A. Executive for many years - part of that time as Treasurer. He sat on numerous panel discussions and workshops investigating and explaining the role of library trustees. Always he advocated strong local control and participation. His ideas were progressive, co-operative and practical.

Willard's outspoken stand for better library services as requested by users, and his unfailing good humour won him many friends.

Trustees are happy to acknowledge the contribution that Jean and Willard have made. We tender to them this, the highest honour that this Association can bestow, an honorary life co-membership in the Saskatchewan Library Trustees Association.