Jeanne Langhorne


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Jeanne Langhorne

Jeanne Langhorne has served 12 years on the Air Ronge Community Library Board. The Air Ronge Community Library Board is focused on fund-raising for the joint La Ronge/Air Ronge Library located in La Ronge. This means that Jeanne has been involved with many raffles and bingos over the years. In the 12 years since she has been a board member, the La Ronge/Air Ronge Public Library has moved into a new building, had several changes of library staff, has moved with others in the province through three large circulation systems and has changed the focus of the library from creating the best collection of book and materials to creating a more complete library experience through offering more programming to the community.

Jeanne has also been the Air Ronge Community Library Board representative to the Pahkisimon NuyeÆáh Library System for 8 years. During this time she has been on the Executive Committee acting as Treasurer for the System. She has been a member of the Personnel and Advocacy Committees. As a local representative on the Executive Committee, she has often been the spokesperson and tour guide with Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Assistant Deputy Ministers when the Chairperson is not available. Articulate and passionate, Jeanne has been an effective advocate for libraries.

Jeanne is the chief chef at Scattered Site in La Ronge. Scattered Site is a drop-in centre which provides outreach services, meals and programming to help those that are homeless and going through addiction.