Kae Campbell


Honourary Life Membership in
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Kae Campbell

Kae Morgenstern was born at Meadow Lake, SK. She attended the Bear Creek School and began her  working career at the Imperial Bank in Meadow Lake. In 1944, Kae was transferred to Wilkie, SK. In 1950, Kae married George Campbell and over the years the couple had five sons. George passed away  suddenly in 1979,  after which Kae became very involved in her  community.

In 1980, Kae became a member and the treasurer of the Wilkie Local Library Board, a position she still holds today. In 1981, the Town of Wilkie appointed Kae as their representative on the Regional Library Board, another position that Kae still holds. It would be safe to say that Kae is one of the longest serving board members in Wheatland’s history!

Kae served on the Wheatland Regional Library Executive Committee from 1996 – 2011. As an Executive she sat on various sub-committees including Personnel/HR and Finance/Audit.  Kae was also Wheatland’s regional representative on the Saskatchewan Library Trustee’s Association (SLTA) from 1997 until the spring of 2012, and served several years on the SLTA Executive.

“Each WRL Board meeting I would arrive and Kae would smile, welcome me, give me a big hug and ask how things were going. She is a kind and caring individual who puts others first. My mother, who sat on our local library board, often speaks of Kae and remembers fondly the times she interacted with Kae at various events. Kae has touched not only our current generation of volunteers but also the generation that came before. The love of literacy and people sets Kae apart. She is one of the most deserving volunteers I can think of, and I trust the SLTA will recognize her contributions and put forward her name for a Life Member Award.” Submitted by Sandra MacArthur – Town of Osler

“I first met Kae in April of 1996, when she was elected to the Wheatland Executive Committee. If I remember correctly, her first committee was Personnel, later to become known as Human Resources. She started as a committee member and later became the Chair. She was involved with contract negotiations with the staff association. With her in charge, the negotiations were always well handled and agreements were easily reached.

Kae was always very conscientious about any responsibility that she was given. I remember when I asked her to   become the Finance and Audit Chair. She was apprehensive at first, as this was a new committee for her, but she used her previous experiences as a bookkeeper to become very adept in this position. She was always very well prepared and organized, often making many drafts until she was satisfied with the finished product. If she was not certain of something, she asked the proper source to obtain the information that she needed. Kae became a very dedicated WRL representative to SLTA. She assumed positions on the SLTA Executive. Her SLTA reports to the Executive Committee and to the WRL Regional Board were very thorough and comprehensive. She also gave very thorough reports of the sessions that she attended at SLA/SLTA Conferences and the CLA Conferences that she attended as Wheatland’s representative.