Lori Isinger


Honorary Life Membership
In Recognition of

Lorraine (Lori) K. Isinger

The Saskatoon Public Library Board respectfully, and with pleasure, nominates LORI ISINGER for anĀ S.L.T.A. Honourary Life Membership Award. [Board meeting February 14, 1995: Moved by K. Waygood, seconded by G. Burgess; carried]

Lori is one of this community's greatest assets. Perhaps her most evident attribute is her unwavering and positive faith in the human condition and her willingness to assist in its best possible outcome. She backs up her philosophy with commitment, whether it be in the political realm or social action. If there is a need, she is quietly but resolutely involved; researching, documenting, listening, and contributing. When acting in the capacity of chairperson of an organization or Board, her goals and objectives are of a long range nature, realizing the ramifications of quick-fix solutions. She encourages free thought and will; she is a risk taker, and not afraid to err on the side of progress. She is concerned for the future of Saskatoon and this country, and is prepared to take a stand and be counted.

Listed below are some of the volunteer activities in which Lori has so generously given of her time and talents:

Library Related:

  • In 1986 became a member of the Saskatoon Public Library Board and served for eight years, becoming President in 1992.
  • Was an inaugural member of the Friends of the Saskatoon Public Library in 1990 and continues on their Board in 1994 as Vice-President.
  • Although a member of a municipal board, was keenly interested in regional library systems and how they operate.
  • Is Past-President of S.L.T.A.
  • Is a representative on an S.L.T.A. committee looking at school/public library relationships.
  • Was S.L.T.A.'s representative to the Canadian Library Trustees Association.
  • Has been a vocal member of delegations which have met with the Minister regarding library issues.
  • Was asked to continue her involvement in library affairs by becoming a member of the Reciprocal Borrowing Committee.

Community Related:

  • Trained as a teacher, has coordinated and written scripts for three annual Carol Nights for the entire Separate School System.
  • Has been a canvasser for the Heart Foundation, Cancer Society, United Appeal and the Salvation Army.
  • While on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Ceramic Association, wrote their Code of Ethics. She also taught ceramics to blind children, and gave seminars for ceramists on the history and collection of antique porcelain.
  • Has served on the Board of Directors of the Royal University Hospital Foundation.
  • Is Past-President of the Royal University Hospital Auxiliary.
  • Is Past-President of the Saskatoon Council of Women.
  • Is a member of the City of Saskatoon's Focus Group on Women's Issues.
  • Was nominated to Saskatchewan Consensus 100 in 1990.

The above activities are a clear testament of Lori's dedication to public service. We are unstinting in our support of her nomination.

Submitted by:
The Board of the Saskatoon Public Library
February 15, 1995