Mary Beitler


Honorary Life Membership
In Recognition of

Mary Beitler

The Tisdale Public Library Board nominates Mary Beitler for the SLTA's award of Honorary Life Membership as a past member with distinguished service at the local and regional levels in the Public Library field.

Mary has given twenty-one years of dedicated service to the local board. She was the Town of Tisdale representative to the Wapiti Regional Library Board for thirteen years, and served on the Regional Board executive from 1981-1986 & 1990-1991 as representative of four "A" towns. While on the Regional executive, she was an active member of the personnel policy & finance committee. She was particularly involved in the E. Marion Sherman Bursary for Children's Librarians.

Mary was part of the committee for the Tisdale Library, and involved in the formation of the New Joint-Use facility (partnership between the Town of Tisdale Public Library), Tisdale School Division, Cumberland Regional College, and Pasqua Health District.

Mary has volunteered at the library, weeding, shelving, bar coding books, and helping with the book sales. She helped in the move to the new library facility. Mary has donated two non-fiction books to the Tisdale Library that she thought she would like to share with others.

Mary was very helpful to new board members, and new members of the board's executive. When we needed some good advice on library policies or proceedings, she was always there for us. Mary has recently retired and her presence, expertise, and help are greatly missed.

Bob Burgess/ chairman

Presented by:
Isabelle Butters, President
Saskatchewan Library Trustees' Association
Regina, April 12, 2002