Mrs. Leola Moore


Honorary Life Membership
In Recognition of

Leola Moore

Leola was born and educated in Moose Jaw schools and the University of Saskatchewan at Saskatoon where she met her future husband, Ben, then a student of Law. Ben practiced in Moose Jaw and Leola taught both elementary and high school, where she loved both teaching and students. Her fields were English and Social Studies, although she taught some Home Economics. She says of one of these classes, "It is doubtful if the girls learned much about cooking from me, but we had fun with our successes and laughed at our failures." I believe that statement sums up Leola's philosophy of life. During this period, she also directed a Glee Club and a Drama Club.

In 1965, the Moores moved to Swift Current, where Mr. Moore was appointed judge, now of the Queen's Bench. Leola's interest in reading, music and drama continued. She soon became involved in the Little Theatre, the Orpheus Club, a Book Club and was appointed to the Swift Current Library Board in 1969, a couple of years before Chinook Region was established. She served on that board for 18 years, and as chairman for 14. As chairman, she steered Swift Current Library through the challenging years of the formation of the Chinook Region and the planning and building of a brand new facility for the Swift Current Branch.

She was elected to the Chinook Regional Board and spent seven years on the Regional Executive (four of those as Vice Chairman). She was Chinook's representative on the Library Development Board, now the Saskatchewan Library Board. She was always concerned for the public using the library, and for the staff working there. Whenever there was something to be done, Leola was always first to volunteer.

"My experience on these library boards has been a very satisfying part of my life. I will continue to use the library, and I would urge other people to serve on the Board and support the library."

The Moores have two daughters and eight grandchildren. They enjoy camping and are very fond of their dog.

The members of Chinook Region and the Swift Current Branch feel that Leola is a very worthy candidate to receive this province-wide recognition.

Presented by Dorothy Saunderson