Mrs. Violet Spencer


Honorary Life Membership
In Recognition of

Mrs. Violet Spencer,
Craik, Saskatchewan

A number of years ago, a trio of fine library trustees were involved in library trustee work.

Two of them were active on the Parkland Regional Library Board - Allan Bailey of Yorkton and Harry Read of Cupar who was the Parkland representative on the S.L.T.A. executive. Harry was vice-president and at that time Violet Spencer of Craik was secretary of S.L.T.A.

I recalled this history when I met Mrs. Harry Read recently. Mrs. Read said she and her late husband had always admired the dedicated service of Violet Spencer and Allan Bailey!

Violet Spencer has long served her community and libraries in Saskatchewan in a number of capacities.

An original member of the Palliser Pro-tem Board in 1972, Vi was involved in the establishment and organization of the Palliser Regional Library System.

Violet Spencer acted as Palliser's representative on the S.L.T.A. executive from 1975 to 1979 and in 1981. She served a number of years as secretary for the S.L.T.A.

I can assure you that Violet Spencer was a careful and diligent secretary.

Vi also organized S.L.T.A.'s historical files and deposited them with the Provincial Archives ensuring their availability for historical reference.

From 1983 to 1986, Vi served as Palliser's representative on the Saskatchewan Library Board.

Mrs. Spencer actively served on the Craik Library Board in many capacities from 1913 to the present.

This lady has been involved in many community activities.

She was involved in publishing the children's book "Trixie Dee", and wrote a column on Canadian books for the Western Producer.

There is no doubt that Violet Spencer has been a dedicated volunteer with a fierce determination to improve library service.

In a recent letter to me, Vi admitted she had recently been demoted!

Apparently, with some reluctance, she was demoted from, quote "trucking to meals", unquote.

I'm sure Vi took on meals with determination and enthusiasm!

For these many reasons the Saskatchewan Library Trustees' Association presents an Honorary Membership to Violet Spencer!


Presented by George R. Bothwell
Yorkton, October 27, 1990