Robert Diltz


Honorary Life Membership
In Recognition of

Bob Dilts

It is with pleasure that we nominate BOB DILTS for an Honourary Life Member in the Saskatchewan Library Trustees Association.

Bob was raised and educated in Saskatoon. He retired in December of 1988 from the Saskatoon Board of Education after 32 years as a teacher, principal and administrator. At the time of his r I etirement he was Superintendent of Schools.

He taught in Germany for the Department of National Defence; acquired a Masters of Education Degree in Oregon; and, in 1983, received a National Merit award for "I Am A Canadian", an elementary Social Studies Curriculum.

A spokesman for communication skills, the Arts and physical education, Bob was President of the Mendel Art' Gallery; Vice-President of the Saskatoon Symphony; Chairman of the University Senate; Chairman of the Minister's Advisory Committee on Arts Education, President of the Saskatoon Principals' Association; President of Kinsmen Elmwood Residences, and a member of the Participaction Board.

Bob brought this impressive list of credentials to the Saskatoon Public Library Board when he was appointed by City Council in 1981. In 1986 his peers, recognizing his many skills, nominated him Board Chairman. In that same year he was appointed by the Minister of Libraries to serve, on the Saskatchewan Library Board. During his ten years with the Saskatoon Public Library, Bob was an. advocate for excellence in library service; and the continued awareness - to legislators, as well as Saskatchewan citizens, of the importance of its services. In this regard, he fought long and hard for realistic and far-sighted budgets which would ensure quality service to all citizens. He was a great supporter of staff, and understood the frustration that accompanies budget cutbacks. His

sense of humour, unflappability, and keen wit got us through many a tense or awkward moment.

Bob took on the presidency of S.L.T.A. during the last year of his trusteeship with Saskatoon Public Library. During that time he represented S.L.T.A. at S.A.R.M. and S.S.T.A. He also attended, upon invitation, annual meetings for Chinook, Wapiti and Pahkisimon Nuye ah; the latter on the occasion of its opening and workshop. He carried S.L.T.A.'s banner to the A.L.T.A. Conference in Jaspar where he was a featured speaker. He wrote articles and editorials for the provincial newsletter, and his reflections on Saskatchewan Library Week were published in The StarPhoenix in 1991.

Bob is a 'people' person - he has a keen sense of humour, is a great conversationalist, a lover of art, an avid reader, an appreciator of nature, and an avid tennis player. Indeed, he has' reason to be proud of his strong forehand stroke, for it won him a city championship!

Bob Dilts is a man truly worthy of this award. He embodies all that is good about libraries and the, spirit of volunteerism in this province. He has the long range vision so very necessary to carry and sustain libraries and their services into the 21st Century.

When Bob comes up to accept his accolade, two things will be in evidence: he keeps himself in tremendous shape by working out at the Field House, and he is dressed by the best!