Rose Hoffart


Honorary Life Membership
In Recognition of

Rose Hoffart

Rose has been Tribune's regional representative for almost 40 years. Prior to the forming of the Southeast Regional Library, Rose visited various places and spoke on the forming of the region. She has regularly attended the trustees' meetings in Weyburn as well as many annual Saskatchewan library conferences. Rose was on the executive committee for 16 years and was the Chairperson of Tribune Public Library from the time they joined the region in 1972 until the branch closed in 1999. During that time she was a strong supporter of the Bookmobile. Rose continues to represent the Village of Tribune on the Southeast Regional Library Board.

At the 40th anniversary celebrations for Southeast Regional Library, Rose was presented with an award as the longest serving active trustee in the region.

Not only has Rose faithfully served on the board for 37 years, she has also helped the librarian in many ways. Rose was always at the library when it was open to help the librarian and would bring her children along to instill in them the joy of reading. Rose was active in fundraisers and also ran the library when the librarian was off for 2 months. One of Rose's duties was to dispose of any snakes that entered the library. The library played an important part to Rose, as a reader who could borrow anything she wanted to read and her children continue to use the library wherever they are.

Rose and her husband, Alphonse, lived in Tribune until 1999 when they moved to Weyburn. They raised 7 children and thanks to the support of her husband, Rose was able to put her energy into her community. She was a member of the Village Council for over 20 years and was a member of the Home and School Association. She served as President of the Catholic Women's League in Tribune for five 2 year terms and was always a member of the executive. Rose continues to be a member with the Catholic Women's League in Weyburn. Rose's hobbies are reading, crocheting and crossword puzzles.

Rose now enjoys spending time socializing with friends and playing cards. She enjoys spending time with her children and their families. She has 7 grandchildren and 1 great grand child.