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Sep. 19, 2018

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Summer Programming Throughout Region  

From concerts to creating robots, Wapiti Regional Library's young patrons were treated to a wide assortment of summer programs this season.


Most libraries took advantage of Wapiti's mobile maker-space kits (including robotics), inviting Wapiti Summer Programming Assistant Paulina Chatlain to use the kits to teach and enhance literacy.   


Paulina Chatlain explains Cubelets at Reid-Thompson Public Library in Humboldt.


Scorpio the Cubelets robot created by child at Star City Public Library.



Many libraries hosted family concerts by either Down By the Docks or Lulu and the Tomcat. Others presented a hands-on Go Science workshop.    


Down By the Docks Concert hosted by Blaine Lake Public Library.



Go Science workshop at Melfort Public Library.



At Cudworth Public Library, the annual Bike Decorating Contest was the scene of creative, joyful participation. Later at the Shellbrook library, kids got their hands on a whole lot of slime.   


Cudworth Public Library Bike Decorating Contest.   



Hands on slime at Shellbrook.

The preschool Storytime group at Leoville Public Library enjoyed illustrated stories while older children learned robotics using Ozobots.    


Learning Ozobots at Leoville Public Library.



Kids at Porcupine Plain Public Library learned all about Lady bugs then created a host of colourful, customized bugs to take home. On another occasion, they got creative with sidewalk paint. 


Newborn Lady bug at Porcupine Plain Public Library.



Kids at Porcupine Plain paint the sidewalk.



After hearing stories about unicorns, young patrons at Blaine Lake Library had to make one of their own.


Young Blaine Lake patron with freshly made unicorn.



Creative engineering was on the table at Prairie River Public Library when kids got their hands on Lego. Later, they designed and made items using duct tape. On another occasion, they learned how to use 3D pens.  


Lego construction at Prairie River.



Kids create using duct tape at Prairie River.



Learning to use a 3D pen at Prairie River.



Partnering with Saskatchewan Writers' Guild and Sask Lotteries, the Spiritwood Public Library engaged storyteller Danica Lorer. Host of Shaw TV Saskatoon's literary art program "Lit Happens", Lorer interacted with the kids to develop story ideas. 


Storyteller Danica Lorer performing at Spiritwood.





Robotics for Seniors

Wapiti Regional Library's Robotics Programming Kits visited many of the region's branches over the summer, giving TD Summer Reading participants a chance to learn about robotics and programming while having fun and showing off their creativity. But kids aren't the only ones who have enjoyed the kits - they've been a smash hit with parents and seniors too. In August, Wapiti's Community Services Librarian had the chance to take the Ozobot and Cubelets Robotics Kits to a local care home to share with the residents.


A fun afternoon was had by all as participants learned how to code for the Ozobots using lines and colours, and how to build different robots using different combinations of the Cubelets blocks. There were many smiles as participants watched the Ozobots follow the paths they drew, and lots of laughter as residents propelled the Cubelets across the tables and built 'bots that could drive, light up and spin around.


The program was organized by Archerwill Branch Librarian Robin Toews, and is just one example of how Wapiti branches work with community partners to facilitate lifelong learning within their communities.



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Reid-Thompson Public Library Parades Its Stuff

At the library, preparing for the parade.

A parade is a large part of the City of Humboldt's annual Summer Sizzler celebration. This year, the Humboldt Public Library went all out when it came to participation.


Early on June 16, 2018, all staff were on hand, costumed and playful, ready to entertain while promoting the library. Decorated wagons, a motorized tricycle, and one of Wapiti's vehicles driven by a Regional Office staff member made an attractive, colorful array, adding to the carnival theme.


Previously, staff had assembled 1,000 handouts consisting of a candy attached to a brochure advertising library programs. The Wapiti vehicle provided handy storage for the handouts so staff could pull lightly loaded wagons throughout the course of the parade.


As number 11 in over 40 entries, the library troupe smiled, waved, handed out brochures, and gave high fives to gleeful children recognizing the costumed Mario as a favorite character. Shouts of "It's the library" were common as those lining the streets recognized Wapiti's logo on the vehicle and wagons.


The route looped around the city, taking over an hour. At the end, a tired but happy group of staff waved their final goodbyes, basking in the appreciation this community has for the service their public library provides.

Lined up and ready to go.



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Don't Play Bach On Piano (at least not at the library)

On June 13, 2018, 16-year-old musician Emily Burak enchanted audiences at the Spiritwood Library with her first public performance on a harpsichord, a stringed instrument that is the ancestor of the modern piano. Branch Librarian Joyce Carrier had arranged for Burak to first perform at the Hartley Clark Elementary School then repeat her performance for adults at the library.


A long-time library patron, Burak resides near Spiritwood and is passionate about her music. This became very evident as she engaged the audience by playing recordings of Baroque music performed in a modern manner. She then played the same piece on the harpsichord, asking her audience how long ago they thought the music had been written. Assuming the music was written within five to ten years, the audience was shocked to hear it was 300 years old.


Burak delighted her audiences by playing music composed for the harpsichord by Bach, Handel, and other famous composers. After the concert, people lingered to speak with Burak about her love of music and developing talents. Proficient at the piano and harpsichord, Burak is currently learning guitar and hopes to master the lute, another stringed instrument favored in the Baroque era.


"She's an amazing young woman," said Branch Librarian Joyce Carrier. "She is homeschooled and constantly uses our library as a source of learning material."



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Teddy Bear Picnic a Highlight for Pilger Kids

What says "summer" more than
a picnic? And what makes that
picnic even more appealing


to kids? Bringing your favorite teddy bear to help enjoy the fun.


In mid-July, kids did just that at the Pilger Public Library. Library bears were joined by visiting bears and their kids to hear stories about other, adventurous teddy bears. Then everyone tucked into a picnic of fruit, juice boxes, and sandwiches (which everyone knows is a favorite of bears).   


"It was a fun program," said Branch Librarian Crystal Gudmundson. "Everyone enjoyed themselves."



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Leoville Kids Spend Summer 'Camping' at the Library

For children, Summer 2018 at the Leoville Public Library was all about camping.


Working over time, the preschool Storytime group created a 'campsite' on their display table as they learned about camping. In keeping with the theme, older kids participated in the TD Summer Reading program, reading about camping, then creating more advanced displays.


On several occasions, Wapiti Summer Programming Assistant Paulina Chatlain attended the library to read stories about camping then conduct a craft session for kids of all ages.  


Throughout the summer, the displays grew in size and complexity. Tiny tents and sleeping bags, small fire pits lined with pebbles, firewood, streams, canoes, bridges, trees, and wildlife eventually completed the scene.    



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2018 TD Summer Reading Club Wraps Up

Engineering play at Wakaw Public Library.

Summer across the Region meant reading and related fun for kids enrolled in the annual TD Summer Reading Club facilitated by most Wapiti branch libraries.


A typical event was held at the Wakaw Public Library where the board partnered with Regional KidsFirst to host a day of activities based on the book When We Go Camping by Margriet Ruurs. Over 40 children up to age 14 joined in a day of creative play, literacy, and fun. Events included the Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel game, experiments with magnets, and a very popular fish pond where cool prizes were hooked.  


Wakaw patron regional prize draw winner Reyes Montiel McKeand.

Region-wide, over 1,000 kids participated in this year's TD Summer Reading Club. Children received an entry form for every eight books read. The entry forms were sent to Regional Office in anticipation of grand prize draws.


In late August, most libraries held windup parties to locally reward kids for summer reading. Then Wapiti Regional Office staff joined the fun in early September, drawing from hundreds of collected entry forms. Seventeen draws were made for prizes donated by vendors which consisted of a tablet, books, robots, and toys.


The TD Summer Reading Club is Canada's biggest, bilingual summer reading program, offered free in public libraries across the country. The Club celebrates Canadian authors, illustrators, and stories, inspiring kids to read and build a lifelong love of literacy.



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Library Celebrates Patron's 99th Birthday

Long-time Prairie River Public Library patron Marie Mitchell thought she was attending a regular library program. Instead, she found herself the center of attention at what turned out to be a surprise 99th birthday party.

As Marie entered the library, the crowd sang Happy Birthday, setting the tone for what became a joyful celebration. Along with displaying family photos of early pioneer days, the library staff had hung a happy birthday banner. Over coffee, tea, birthday cake, and ice-cream, everyone was reminded that as an avid reader, Marie had borrowed a large amount of library materials over the years.  



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