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Apr. 18, 2019






April 2019





Pirates 'Pillage' Melfort Public Library



Battling it out ship-to-ship.


February 2019 ended with hearty

"Aaarghs" and "Ahoy Maties" as pirates ruled for an evening at the Melfort Public Library.


Billed as "All Hands on Deck", the program invited kids to attend dressed as pirates preparing for the high seas and a swashbuckling good time (absolutely no landlubbers allowed).

To get in the mood and learn the lingo, 25 kids, ages 5 - 11, listened to the story Pirate Pete Talks Like a Pirate. They were then divided into groups and given a treasure map that sent each group to its first destination or event, assisted by costumed teen volunteers.


Activities included Walk the Plank, Captain Hook Toss, Treasure Search, Tattoo Parlour, and photo sessions followed by tasty grog and victuals served to ward off scurvy.


Library staff reports the evening a huge success and thankfully, no one actually had to walk the plank.

Searching for treasure.




First a photo op, then action.





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