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Jun. 17, 2019

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2018 Branch Annual Awards 

Bernice Gray accepts award on behalf of Arborfield Public Library.



In recognition of outstanding increases in several areas of public library service over the past year, Regional Board Chair Cheryl Bauer-Hyde presented two branch libraries with plaques commemorating their achievements.


The presentations took place at the recent Wapiti Regional Library Annual General Meeting. The first award went to the Arborfield Public Library with Bernice Gray, Arborfield Library Board Chair and Regional Board member representing the RM of Arborfield accepting on behalf of the library.  


Joan Boyer accepts award on behalf of St. Louis Public Library. 



The second plaque was presented to the St. Louis Public Library with Joan Boyer, St. Louis Library Board Chair and Regional Board member representing the Village of St. Louis accepting.   


Honorable mention was also made of the Big River, Prairie River, and Weldon libraries, all of which showed consistent increases in 2018.


Our congratulations to all these libraries for their hard work and commitment to library service and resource sharing.


Pilger Club Creates Work for Donation   

Since early in the year, members of the Pilger Library Knitting & Crocheting Club have been busy crafting 8" squares. Some of the work was done at the library, and some was done at home or anywhere time and opportunity allowed.


During March and April, club members volunteered their time every Friday to assemble the various colored squares. The result was a striking, cozy weighted blanket that will be given to someone in need.  


Meet Summer Programming Assistant Mackenzie Scott     

Hello! I'm Mackenzie Scott, the new summer programming assistant with Wapiti Regional Library. I had the pleasure of working at Wapiti Regional Office last summer, sorting books, cleaning books, packing books, repairing books, moving books, and almost everything book related that you can think of. I had so much fun that I decided to come back again this summer, but this time to help with programming throughout the region. I have experience working at children's camps and running a variety of children's activities and I'm looking forward to a summer packed full of fun before I return to law school in the fall.


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Annual Plant Sale a Spectacular Success

It didn't take very many years for plant lovers and gardeners to realize that the place to be the week before Mother's Day is the Paddockwood Public Library's Annual Plant Sale. Over 250 customers took in the 3-day event and that's not counting those dedicated shoppers who kept coming back for more.


Now in its fifth year, the sale is drawing repeat customers from surrounding communities and as far away as Candle Lake and Saskatoon. Former Paddockwood residents return for the sale and to enjoy visiting with former neighbours and friends. Emphasizing the social side of the sale, the library set up a sitting area where shoppers can pause for free tea, coffee, and dainties while catching up on local news.


To create ambience and emphasize literacy, classic books were placed between plant displays. Also on sale were donated gardening books, macramé plant hangers, decorated garden stakes, and plant themed jewelry. As part of the silent auction, rustic log planters were highly sought after, contributing a substantial sum to the $3,307.00 earned overall.

Preparing for the sale is as much a community event as the sale itself. Some library patrons grew seedlings as contributions. Others gifted crafts, pots, planters, and slips off houseplants. Businesses pitched in by donating seedlings, planters, starter pots, soil, gift cards, and items designated for door prizes given away at the rate of four per day.


"We had such positive feedback," said Branch Librarian Kyla Fremont. "People commented on how reasonable our prices were and how beautifully we presented our products. Our local board members put in a lot of time and effort baking squares, cookies, and dainties, and then helping set up. One board member made a number of Fairy Gardens that we sold. It was a lot of work by many people and a huge success."



One Flower Arranging Class Not Enough

A flower arranging class held at the St. Brieux Public Library was such a hit with limited seats filling fast, patrons immediately requested a repeat, which is currently in the planning stages.


Patrons aged 7 to 49 years attended the class, led by local florist Michelle Horvath at a cost of $15 per participant. Working together, they enjoyed the creative exercise of immediately putting newly learned skills to work, each creating her own arrangement.

A special motive was behind the planning of the successful program. While the fun was in the creating, the real joy came when participants presented the arrangements to their mothers on Mother's Day.




Scrapbookers Find Home at Library

The Reid-Thompson Public Library in Humboldt has become the scene of marathon scrapbooking events as the Scrapbookers cut, paste, and create on a large scale from Friday morning to late Sunday afternoon. Their space rental helps with library programming and in return, they have found the perfect home.


Throughout the weekend, participants come and go, enjoying socializing, food, and even trying their hand at card making. Teens, adults and seniors are welcome to join the Scrapbookers, so if you get that creative urge, join them some weekend.



2019 Wapiti Annual General Meeting Report

The 2019 Wapiti Regional Library Annual General meeting was held on April 27 at the Messiah Lutheran Church in Prince Albert. The meeting was for all Regional Board members appointed by municipalities within the regional area.


Highlights of the meeting included a report on the provincial government's "Public Library Engagement" which thus far has included a touring panel that met with all SK public library organizations and other public library stakeholders in Fall 2018, a report to the Minister of Education on the findings of that panel, and an online public survey that had an impressive 5,800 respondents.


Explanation was provided concerning a small funding increase (1%) that public libraries saw in the 2019-2020 Provincial Budget. This amounts to $128,000 that will then be divided among 11 public library organizations.


The 2018 Annual Report was presented. It focused on the development and delivery of innovative programming out in, and continually evolving and improving services out to communities across the Wapiti Region.


The board also approved the 2019 budget and elected the 2019/2020 Executive Committee.


The Regional Board will next meet for its Semi-annual meeting on Saturday, November 16, 2019 at the Messiah Lutheran Church in Prince Albert.



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