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Flamingos Flock To Support Local Library




For the second year in a row, the town of Vonda has welcomed a flamingo invasion and it's all in support of the local library.

The fundraiser is fueled by good humor, self-protection, and even possibly the desire for friendly revenge on an unsuspecting neighbor or business.

It works like this: to avoid a flock landing on their own lawn, property owners donate at least $5 to the library. If they do not 'protect' themselves via donation, the birds could settle in at any time, their arrival paid for (another $5 donation) by a neighboring jokester.

If one falls victim to the pink invasion, no worries. Simply follow the directions found on the sign accompanying the flock. Donate at least $5 to the library along with directions to a new landing site of your choice. (If it's known who sent them in the first place, the perfect revenge is obvious...)

Branch Librarian Rebecca Fehr reports that the success of last year's flocking sparked friendly contention this year, with library supporters so excited they paid well in advance to either have their own lawns decorated or their friend's and neighbor's invaded.

Congratulations to the Vonda Public Library for engaging community-wide involvement while raising awareness and funds to support programs that serve its patrons.







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