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Aug. 6, 2019






August 2019






New Programming Kits Hugely Popular Across Region




The newest member of Wapiti's Programming Kit collection is quickly gaining popularity this summer as Regional Programming Assistant Mackenzie Scott takes the kit on the road for educational fun at many of our branch libraries.


The Code-a-Pillar kit contains 10 electronic caterpillars that communicate through light and sound as they perform coded maneuvers. Each caterpillar consists of a programmable head and a number of segments that can execute specific commands such as turn right, proceed directly ahead, etc. The result of creative programming is a wiggling, musical robot that provides entertainment while teaching basic coding techniques.


Like all of Wapiti's Programming Kits, this kit is available for booking by Branch Librarians (it is not available for general lending).


Also popular this summer is the new Google Expeditions Virtual Reality Program that allows simulated exploration of the world outside library walls. Through virtual reality, abstract concepts come to life as patrons are guided through collections of 360° scenes and 3D objects, and are pointed to interesting sites and artifacts along the way. These virtual reality expeditions explore history, science, the arts, and the natural world, and include the International Space Station, ancient Egypt, diving underwater to swim with sharks, and mingling with Gorillas in the Congo.


The Google Expedition Virtual Reality Program is available for booking by Branch Librarians, and is delivered by Regional Office staff.


If you have not yet enjoyed these programs at your local library, contact your Branch Librarian who may request them from Wapiti Regional Office.






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