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Frontier Library

Below are pictures of Frontier Library's April 2017 Talent Night.


Carnduff Library

Carnduff Library had the Regional KidsFirst Main Street Mobile Famly Resources Van visit them this past Thursday morning as part of their regular scheduled Story Hour time for preschoolers. It was a sunny morning with a cool breeze but everyone had fun. The children had lots of games and activities to choose from, and there were lots of parents as well. The children received a snack and went home with a book.


Carnduff Library

Carnduff Library held a SuperHero event on Saturday, May 13. It was a fundraiser for the library. Nine children attended and all came dressed as their favourite SuperHero. The children read stories, played a game, made a SuperHero mask and shield, watched a short movie, and enjoyed a snack of pizza, veggies, dip, and rice krispie squares. The game was "Catch the Villian". The villian was played by branch assistant Amy Marsh. After she was caught the SuperHeroes tied her to a chair so she couldn't escape. This then became the backdrop for the group picture.

Carnduff Library
The lego club continues to do well. The club runs twice a month - once after school and once on a Saturday. It is a free event. The last lego club event was a lot of fun. Each of the children picked a letter of the alphabet from a jar and had to build something that started with that letter. The kids were very creative.

Carnduff Library

Carnduff library held a Princess Tea at our branch on Saturday, April 1st. Twenty 'princesses' attended the event, which was a fundraiser. There were stories, crafts, a short movie and of course a 'tea' party. The girls were all given goodie bags, their crafts and the tea cup & saucer to take home. There was a photographer who took pictures of the girls and emailed them to the parents.

Celine Farley - Story Time at the Library

We had a 3 year old girl, very shy, did not talk, would just sit on her grandmas lap and not join in any games or play with other children. After coming to story time program, within 4 months she was starting to talk, join in the games and she has become one of the chattiest children I have in my program. What a great way to prepare her for kindergarten.

ESL Field Trip to the Library - Frontier Library

Members of the ESL class came to the library last Thursday evening and I helped them fill out their questionnaires. We discussed how the library works, where our region spans, we looked at the map of all the other regions and talked about loans from other provinces. The class milled about, asked me a series of questions pertaining to renewals, fines, loan periods. I showed a few of them the process of checking out books. And I filled out 4 new registrations and handed out their library cards. They were excited! They couldn’t believe they didn’t have to pay anything to get them! 


Button Maker Worksshop - Carnduff Library

Southeast Regional Library has many MakerSpace Kits that are circulated to different branches at their request. We recently brought in the Button Maker Kit for a workshop. Children pre-registered and could bring in their own pictures for their buttons or use some we had ready. The kids were very intrigued about how the machine made the buttons. One young girl was very excited to make a button for her mom as a surprise Christmas gift. Seeing the children learn new things is very rewarding.


"A Sweet Note" Concert and Dessert Afternoon


In 2012 the Glenavon Library Board decided to host an event that would celebrate local area talent.   "A Sweet Note" was born and was so successful it has been held annually ever since. A Sweet Note features local area singers, musicians, dancers and artists.  To keep you happy we serve up delectable desserts to an appreciative audience.  "A Sweet Note" helps us come together and celebrate community.  It also helps us raise funds to keep our awesome library running!  Once again we will Herald in the Christmas Season and serve up a "Tasty Chord" to all those who come out on Sunday December 4 at 1:30 p.m.                                     

Drop Off Site Gets the Programming Bug

While the site cannot boast a full service library, they still take their position seriously in the community.  On behalf of the library, the volunteers of the Tourquay drop off site host Friday evening gymnasium for family community sports.  They keep their volunteer site viable by encouraging mothers and children to engage in reading.

Tourquay Drop Site 

Changes in the Wind for White City Branch

The White City Library Branch looks forward to starting a major rejuvenation project in the New Year, creating a new facility to serve our growing community.  In the meantime, they continue to offer a variety of programming to the community including Library Week events. 

This year they hosted a Seniors Coffee Time and a special presentation, Nutrition with Lil'MissFit - Krista Mayer.  

Kennedy Supports New Immigrants in Library Access - Results in Avid Users (Kipling Public Library Branch)

We had a new family recently move to our town from the Philippines.  The father has his Canadian Citizenship and his three children had just joined him.  They came into the library hoping to get cards for the children, but the kids didn’t have their Canadian ID yet.  As Canadian ID is required to register I told them I would have to check with our Regional Branch Manager to see if we could work something out.  He was incredibly understanding and we came up with a way to go ahead and give them patron cards.  It was a lot of fun getting them started.  They were delighted and so appreciative to have library access. That family has continued to be avid library users ever since! 

Boys, Men, and Mighty Machines

Every spring, Gainsborough Public Library Branch hosts a “Mighty Machines” event for men and boys.  This year they had 26 boys come with Dads, Grandpa’s, uncles or family friends in tow, to check out the machinery at a local company called ‘Shaw Earth Moving’. The boss, Hank Shaw, took the group to one of the ‘mighty machines’ on site to inspect and then gave a tour of all the different equipment they use in their earth moving business. After the tour was done they played on the dirt pile with their tonka trucks and machines, along with other toys they brought with them.  Then everyone got to go for a ride in a rock truck or a semi.  The event wound up with a hot dog, drink and treat. This yearly event is always a highlight.  So the girls don’t miss out they sponsor a “Princess Day” as well. 

Carnduff Library - Book & Bake Fundraiser

Carnduff Library recently held a two day Book and Bake Fundraiser event. The baking was contributed by patrons, board members and staff, with one staff donating some of her home-made preserves to sell. Over $350.00 was raised for the library so it was a very successful endeavour.

Please see the attached poster.

Carnduff Library - Super Hero Event 

Carnduff Library held a Super Hero Event on Saturday, April 30th. There were nine "super" boys aged three to eight attend in costume. The afternoon included stories, making a mask, building a tall Lego tower, watching a movie and a snack of pizza, veggies, dip and decorating their own cupcakes.

Spiritwood Public Library Celebrates 55th Anniversary with Remembrance and Laughter 

On April 13, 1961, the Spiritwood branch of the Wapiti Regional Library was formed. Fifty-five years later, the library and community celebrated the landmark with a Come & Go party featuring anniversary cake and refreshments.

Wapiti Regional Library Director Tony Murphy attended the celebration as did a former librarian, who, currently in her nineties, served from 1974 to 1979.

To visually experience fifty-five years of history, guests were invited to browse meeting minutes, scrap books, and memorabilia from days gone by. The result was a pleasant afternoon spent swapping memories and laughter as photos revealed former hair styles, clothing, accessories, and younger versions of everyone. Some even remembered the early days when the first library was housed in the basement of the rural municipality building.

More than sixty people signed the guest book that will now take its place in history, saved for the enjoyment of future generations who will continue to celebrate the creation of such a vital community asset.  


Left: current librarian;                                                                    Guests enjoy historical documents.
Right: former librarian now in her nineties.

Lego Club Kick-off

Last fall the Carnduff Branch Library applied for a Community Initiatives Fund grant with the purpose of starting a Lego Club. We received a $1,000 grant and planned to get the club going in the spring, with two events a month. Supplies were purchased and we held our kick-off event on Wednesday, April 20th after school. There were 47 enthusiastic children, ranging in age from 4 to 13, who attended. The children aged 4-9 were instructed to build a boat. They could work individually or together with friends as a team. Those aged 10-13 were given a Lego base plate and told to include water and land with their boat. The results were amazing! Such creativity! After the building time, they displayed and explained their projects, which were put on display in the library. The afternoon closed with a snack, draws for door prizes, and everyone received a small toy as they left; eager to come back for the next event. 


This event was possible due to the grant from Community Initiatives Fund.

Princess Tea

The Carnduff Integrated School Public Library held a Princess Tea on Saturday, April 16th. Fourteen princesses attended the event. They watched a Cinderella movie, were read a few Princess stories, made their own special wand, played a wand game and decorated their own cupcakes which they then enjoyed with their lunch. The lunch menu was mini sandwiches, pickles and cheese with their cupcakes and "tea" (apple juice) in real china tea cups. It was a grand event!


Ogema Branch Library

For several years Ogema Branch Library has played an important role in welcoming and helping newcomers settle into a new community and country. Currently there are about 150 Philippine immigrants in our town of 368. This includes 40 students in the school population of 100. For the past 4 years an English as an Alternative Language Class from Southeast College has been offered in the town. The library tries to plan its Adult Programming on the same night as this class. This allows the teacher to bring all her students to the program. Regardless of the topic, the English learners are challenged to listen carefully and with encouragement from their teacher ask questions in English. Recently during Saskatchewan Library / Education Week the library program was “Dare to Know Your Province”. The library hosted Jason Sylvestre, illustrator of You Might Be From Saskatchewan if……… and Strange Saskatchewan – a walk through what makes this great province and its people so compelling. This provided an excellent opportunity for the newcomers to learn more about the province and also to be entertained by some great Saskatchewan humour! I could go on and on……….. about the opportunities and services that make our library indispensable in our community.

Donna Hartley

What my Library Means to Me

I am seventy seven years old and have had a life-long love of being read to, of receiving my favorite Nancy Drew book for Christmas, and now, because I am downsizing and no longer want to own books, being able to order all the books that I am interested in reading, I can simply order on line and return the books when I have read them. I become aware of books that I would like to read from television interviews, from magazine articles, and because of the library I am able to order these books and to enjoy reading them and to experience all of the different thoughts and ideas that are happening in the world outside my door.

Thanks, Lois