Be Loud and Clear

There’s a lot to talk about. Here are some suggestions.

Why libraries need your support:

·         Public library use has risen significantly in our community

·         Our public library supports everyone in our community

·         Our community is in need. Our local economy is struggling and the library is helping us out with resources to find jobs, start businesses and develop careers with access to the internet, books, magazines, community-based classes and programs, and much more

·         But library funding is not sufficient to allow the public library to keep pace with our community needs and demands. Some of our libraries are being forced to cut hours, reduce resources and reduce staff

Why libraries deserve our support:

·         Our public library is truly a resource for everyone – it serves each and every member of our community

·         Our public library supports learning for all, no matter our passions, our politics or our position in society

·         Our public library stimulates local job creation, increased wages and business development

·         Our public library is the one place where anyone can get free computer and internet access

·         Our public library offers equal and open access to the resources we need to improve our lives and our community, including computer and job training programs, homework assistance, adult programs and more