Story Submission

Tell us how a library has helped you or transformed your life. Share your story in writing.

When telling your story, ask yourself...

  1. Is this a true story told in the first person?
  2. Does it highlight a library service or program?
  3. Does it have just enough detail to get the point across?
  4. Does your story have a positive outcome?
  5. Can the reader relate to and retell your story?

NOTE: If you have an attachment you wish to send, please email it directly to

By submitting your story, video and/or photo, you grant Saskatchewan Libraries Trustees' Association the license to use and publicly share your submitted materials. You may only submit material that you own or have permission to use, and you can only submit photos or videos of people who have given you consent to use their image. Saskatchewan Libraries Trustees' Association may edit your story for length or clarity or as deemed appropriate for the purposes of the story bank.