Mosquito Advocacy

Developed by Dr. Cindy Blackstock, "Mosquito Advocacy" is said to be one of the most effective ways for small organizations with limited resources to create advocacy campaigns. Thinking of creating your own advocacy campaign specific to your library's needs? Here are some tips from Dr. Blackstock. 

When developing an advocacy campaign, be sure to: 

Describe the pond – statistics, history of the grant versus cost of living, what are your services.

Buzz – create an infectious message.

Target – who are the hot blooded people you want to make see libraries differently (MLAs, Ministry staff).

Build your swarm – who knows who, how can we get them involved.

Swarm – bite the targets.

Be persistent – how many opportunities can you and your swarm create.

Avoid the swat – come from all directions, many different people, many different ways. 

Other Tips from Dr. Blackstock's "Mosquito Advocacy":

·         Embed your message in deep national values.

·         Work in peaceful and respectful ways.

·         Frame your message in an infectious way based on values that appeal to everybody.

·         Advocate for evidence-based solutions versus just bringing attention to a problem.

·         Be persistent.

·         Speak authentically.

·         Know when to say ‘no’ to money.

·         Use everyone’s different gifts.

·         Be courageous and know what you are prepared to sacrifice and what the other side is prepared to sacrifice.

·         Be creative and use multiple strategies simultaneously.

·         Never reprise with nasty behaviour even when the opposing organization is prepared to use it.

·         Avoid being ideological by remaining open to contrary opinion and evidence.